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 Additional Security Features
We take your online security seriously.

McCoy Federal Credit Union uses a new security feature called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a new security feature that works 24/7 to protect your account, even when you are not online. It helps guard against fraudulent logon attempts like “Phishing” (malicious requests for your personal information) and identity theft.

How does it work?

MFA allows the Credit Union to identify you and it provides you with the assurance that you have reached McCoy's secure web site. When you enroll in MFA you will be asked to do three things:
  • Select a secret image.
  • Select a phrase that will appear under the image. Do not use your password (PIN) as part of the phrase.
  • Answer additional security questions. These will be used if you log into the system from a computer other than the one you normally use.
How does this enhance the security of MyMcCoy?

The combination of the image and phrase is only known to you and the system. When you see your personalized image and phrase, you can be assured that you are logging on to McCoy’s secure site. The security system also places a cookie on the computer that you are using to access your account. If the system does not recognize your computer during a future logon attempt, it will ask you additional security questions to verify your identity.
A User ID and Password is required to log in to MyMcCoy. Services are provided through a secure connection. If you have difficulty logging in please call us at 407-855-5452 or 1-888-584-7701 (outside Orange County) or email us at mccoy@mccoyfcu.org - DO NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Acct Number, SSN, etc) in your email.
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